Hi, Refugee Action Collective (RAC) wants your help for a Super Stall Weekend on Saturday April 1 and Sunday April 2 
(or even Monday 3rd to Wednesday 5th April if that suits you better)
Can you help set up  a stall or help out at an existing stall in your area to promote Palm Sunday and Justice for Refugees? A stall can be two people handing out leaflets or table with petitions and leaflets. Register here and we will promote your location and ask for volunteers to help (Or link you up to an existing stall!)
Yes, I will help!
What's your first name? *

Thanks for that, {{answer_beW7}}. What's your last name?

What group (if any) do you belong to?

We are looking for help from all sorts of Refugee Supporters. RAR, Grandmothers Against Detention, Teachers for Refugees, Librarians for Refugees, etc. Or you may not be in any group!
Do you want to set up a stall or volunteer to work on a stall? (If volunteer go to question 8)

Setting up a stall means choosing a location, maybe bringing a table and being a contact point for people who want to volunteer to join your stand

Volunteering means going to an existing stall and handing out fliers, collecting signatures on petitions etc.

Where are you planning to do your stall?

We will promote this on the RAC Facebook page, email and more. Tell us what street and use local landmark, closest shop or corner to make it easy to find
What day will you do your stall?

What time will your Stall Start and End?

Write down the start time (e.g Start 11.00am)
then write down the end time (E.g. End 2.00pm)
What's your mobile number?

If you are setting up a stall we will get volunteers to contact you
If you are volunteering we will ask stalls in your area to contact you
If you are volunteer to work on stalls, what parts of Melbourne would you prefer?

We will do our best to link you up with stalls in your area.
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